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the bathroom well-being

Bagno Benessere
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The bathroom, a place designed around well-being

Il modo di concepire gli spazi della propria casa sta cambiando. Stop alla staticità e spazio alla trasformazione, alla duttilità.
In particolare, il bagno assume un ruolo predominante per la propria emotività. Per questo, la progettazione verte sempre più sull’esigenza di soddisfare i propri desideri. Un’occasione per rilassarsi, grazie ad un clima personalizzato capace di migliorare il benessere personale.

From the design to the careful selection of materials, the construction of the bathroom passes from the priority search for personal harmony, which finds its perfect balance in the meeting between the body and new trends, such as technology, wellness and sustainability.

The bathroom of well-being sees in the optimization of spaces one of its crucial points. Made up of eco-sustainable furnishing elements, with high quality materials and well-defined, monochromatic and metallic effect color tones.

With Bluelife, well-being within the bathroom is increasingly harmonized. Between classic and contemporary, the bathroom satisfies the need to find the inner balance that you desire, after the efforts of a whole day or for an important appointment.

Having a fresher, more practical and fashionable bathroom will no longer be just a thing of design, but a primary need to achieve the goal of creating the new wellness room inside the home.

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